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Marketing Strategies

Not only will SCR create exiting and effective advertising, we will also ensure we get the greatest return on investments (ROI) for our marketing strategies. We believe establishing a club’s brand is a key component in our success. To this end we have created a marketing slogan:

“There’s No Substitute for Experience”

We will review any existing advertising and create new advertising as needed. Here are some the areas we may target:

  • We are Experts in Social Media Marketing
  • Email and SMS/Text Marketing to Keep Customers Updates and Informed
  • Revise Website
  • Radio Ads
  • Print Ads
  • Billboards
  • Taxi Tops
  • Street Team Marketing
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Concierge and Valet Program
  • Establish Special Events, Programs and Themes
  • Vehicle wrapped with advertising for transporting entertainers and promoting special events

In addition to making advertising/marketing more effective, we will also review, refine and/or redirect existing revenue streams. Some of these programs include:

  • Increase percentage of sales in Funny Money.
  • SCR will change credit card paperwork in order to minimize chargebacks. When all procedures have been correctly followed, SCR has never lost a chargeback dispute.
  • Increase the volume of all VIP and Champagne Rooms by using proven techniques
  • Establish a strong and successful day shift
  • Showtime by entertainers and 2-4-1 dances will be implemented to increase flow into the VIP Rooms
  • Our ablity through marketing to increase qualitative and quantitative entertainers
  • Bartenders and waitresses will learn to upsell all products which increases revenue
  • Increase bottle service. SCR knows how to sell and present bottle service
  • DJ’s push and promote all special events
  • Creating exciting corporate and specials events
  • Sell Gold, Platinum and Black annual membership cards to increase patron loyalty and awareness of brand
  • Enticing taxi and limousine drivers to bring patrons to your club