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Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated, disciplined professionals whose past experience working together enables us to achieve remarkable results. The fact that we have worked together previously is one of the key components of our success. In order to work for SCR, all management and staff must successfully complete the Responsible Vendors Program and TIPS, as well as our proprietary “Hospitality, Success, and Beyond” training, which will reduce the liability exposure to your establishment. All staff and entertainers which SCR will bring on board are well acclimated to our operational methods and procedures. Managers must sign an NDA and may never discuss your business with any unauthorized individuals. To ensure the highest level of integrity, random drug testing is conducted at the expense of SCR for all employees who handle cash.


Jeff Levy

Owner of World Consulting and Lobbying, LLC and Strip Club Rescue. Over thirty years’ experience in the Hotel, Restaurant and Gentlemen’s club industry.

  • First National Executive Director of the Association of Club Executives. (ACE)
  • Executive Director of The New Jersey Hospitality and Entertainment Association. (NJHEA)
  • Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Hospitality and Entertainment Association.
  • Executive Director of the Assocation of Club Executives of New York.
  • Work with many FALA attorneys and PhD’swith regard to issues that affect the adult night club industry.
  • Panelist at the Gentlemen’s Club Expo and Nightclub & Bar.