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Jeff Levy’s extensive knowledge, considerable experience and diverse relationships in all aspects of the gentlemen’s club industry make him a significant asset to any club that seeks to increase revenue and grow. As an attorney for the industry who has worked closely with Jeff on numerous legal matters, I know that Jeff’s skill set also includes the ability to confront and resolve the various political and legal issues that every club must address. And having been part of many legal battles where Jeff was integral to a successful result, I can verify that he is an invaluable intermediary to assist a club and its legal counsel, as well as a tireless advocate for the entire gentlemen’s club industry. If you want to win you should have Jeff on your team. John D. Williams, Esq. General Counsel, New Jersey Hospitality and Entertainment Association

Jeff Levy has the remarkable ability to dig beneath the surface of a problem and get to the root. Exceedingly resourceful and creative, he brings an outstanding cadre of management strategies, marketing tools and years of battle tested experience to the table. Bruce Dobbs, owner Goose Bumps of Atlanta

“Jeff is one of the gentlemen club industries most dedicated and experienced Leader, Lobbyist and Club Operators.” He is consistent, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Jim Saint John, President of The Association of Club Executives (ACE).

“I have known Jeff over 15 years and he is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, and successful organizers and club operators in the country. He has the understanding, resources and contacts to make the impossible, possible.” David “ Slim” Baucom owner of MAL Entertainment

“Jeff Levy is the ultimate leader in the adult nightclub industry there is no one better. He is dedicated, intelligent, resourceful and loyal. Nobody will out work him. I have been very fortunate to have known him over the past 15 years. He has not only taught me a lot about the industry but he has taught me more about life and I am so proud to call him a friend.” John Meehan owner of Cheerleaders and President of Pennsylvania Hospitality Entertainment Association PHEA..

“ Jeff is the most loyal and dedicated person I know. He consistently turns failing clubs into highly successful and profitable gentleman clubs using his innovative strategies and proven methods, that few if any possess. He’s the go to guy.” Joe Shamy, Owner Delilah’s

Jeff Levy, is without a doubt one of the best-kept secrets within the gentleman’s club industry. I’ve seen him take gentlman nightclubs across the country that were in complete disarray and failing miserably, and turn them into some of the best gentleman clubs in the country. Jeff is known as the turnaround King, a.k.a “The Rainmaker” of adult entertainment. Joseph Whitefall, Onwer, Preferred Print and ICON Design, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Jeff Levy has in my view been the guiding force in influencing and advising owners of adult entertainment nightclubs, into the 21st century. Twenty to thirty years ago, the industry operated without a vision of a high level of hospitality and elegance. Today with the tireless efforts of Mr. Levy’s advice and counsel, our association’s owners has elevated to developing highly successful edifices that house exciting destinations for a discriminating clientele. Thomas Tsoumas owner of the Foxy Lady Providence, Rhode Island.