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What We Do

At SCR our focus is not solely on increasing weekly revenues, but rather on increasing the amount of profit you make from these revenues. Simply put, our philosophy is, “It’s not what you make, but what you keep.” Once the revenue has been increased, we implement programs that eliminate waste, theft and losses due to mismanagement.

In addition, we strive to enhance the club’s brand throughout the community.

Here’s a look at some of the issues we address:

Service, Safety and Management

  • Increase revenues, while lowering costs
  • Lower Pour Cost (PC) and Labor Cost (LC) in conjunction with weekly gross sales
  • Review policies (insurance, etc.), producers, vendors and programs to ensure cost-effective pricing
  • Establish watchdog accounting methods (paper and paperless) to track all revenue streams. Weekly comprehensive reports will be generated and shared with owner
  • Ensure a safe and professionally-run club environment
  • Establish a positive relationship with community leaders, police department, local government and Chamber of Commerce